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View of the Cave entrance

Outside the Cave

The brochures for the old cave advertised it as Crystal Onyx Cave, Gardens and Campground. One of the first things Scott did in 2015 was to rebuild the path through the garden from the gift shop to the cave entrance.  It was asphalt, but he replaced it with a spectacular stone walkway.  

Sara has cleaned out the weeds and restored the gardens. Scott also installed some of his aluminum dinosaurs in the gardens area.  Be careful where you stray off the path because there is some poison ivy.  

There had been a campground also, but Scott was not able to purchase it until recently.  Before it was sold to him it was logged, and the large trees taken.  The campground infrastructure needs to be rebuilt before it can be opened.

Cave Creatures

JD the Cave Cat

Gwen was watching TV one day in May 2017 and she saw this Jeopardy answer. Fortunately, their web site has an archive of previous shows, and we were able to preserve it.

While researching information for this site, I came across an excerpt from a novel that talks about a tour of the cave.  There are no velvet ropes, they would rot quickly.  However, some of the original rails had been mended with duct tape.

Here is an excerpt from the novel “Kelland” by Paul G. Bens, published in 2013:

Now Open Daily

One of the most beautiful caves in Kentucky!

Open from 11 a.m. to the last tour at 8 pm.  Come and visit us!

Crystal Onyx Cave * 425 Prewitt’s Knob Road, Cave City, KY 42127 * (270)773-3377