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  1. Wow! Scott & Sara. Very exciting and so impressed at what you two have accomplished. This makes me feel proud just knowing both of you and what you’re done and been through to make this happen. I promise Denise and I will come and experience this with you. I just love this web site and it’s so professionally done. Even if you guys are a couple of relocated Michigan Cave people I’m so proud of you. Dale & Denise Wilch

  2. We had 15 of us including a 3 and 4 year old ! Two of us with some minor disabilities walking! This special tour we had was the most amazing of our spring break! Our guide was brilliant and friendly and so proud of the work your family has done in the cave!! Yes there are tight spots yes there are stairs, but if I and my husband with our disabilities can do it you all can to! Sadly there would be no way for a wheelchair to clear many spots but this cannot be helped. The magnitude of the work inside to make it have the access it does is phenomenal! The formations and majesty left us speechless. The fact the owners used such care in the safety as well as leaving as much as they could in a natural state truly an inspiration! The family made our trip magic with granting our group this tour not the youngest , the most rambunctious child, surliest of teens, or the elders and all inbetween were disappointed! All were raving about this tour and cannot stop listing it as the absolute best part of our trip together! Our focus now is getting me thru my cancer battle another year to get to see the cave again and see what else you all have uncovered in this most amazing cave system! It is as you say not huge like the famed mammoth cave they are totally different! Both equally majestic but no one who travels to Kentucky should miss this cave! It is a true breathtaking inspirational and amazing journey under the earth that is limited only by your own imagination! Wow just wow thank you so much for helping us make memories with our grandchildren to the “center of the earth!! We will definitely see this again!

  3. Rock Formation Bonanza – the most rock formations I have ever seen in a single cave tour. Striking and beautiful, you get your money’s worth with a long tour. Guide knew the cave history and we all learned something fun.
    Crystal Onyx is one cave you and the family cannot miss, as it does not disappoint – we will take this tour every time we are in Cave City!

  4. Thank you Gwen for a fantastic tour. We enjoyed your stories! Scott, Great job on all your hard work… you and your family have clearly been working very to get the cave opened back up to the public. We appreciate your efforts!! The cave has many fantastic formations, great value for the nominal fee!

  5. We have been visiting caves for a week in the Mammoth area and this is our favorite. It has LOTS of formations (a couple we have not seen before), LOTS of interesting passages, MULTIPLE levels and even a huge PIT that you can descend into (by stairs). The tour guide was wonderful, did not rush us and had great stories and information about the cave. Do the 2-hour tour to make sure you get to see all the nooks and crannies.

  6. Please call me about the cave my dad and brothers opened up the cave would love to talk to you’ll about it call 2707742751,thank you, please call about this.

  7. We greatly enjoyed the spectacular beauty of Crystal Onyx Cave. 20 scholars from UC Cincinnati found the unique formations interesting and picture perfect. The lighting is great. This cave is a good contrast to Mammoth Cave National Park tours.

    Scott designed the passageways to be very safe. After 3 stiches in my head from an unsafe cave tour connected to a local zoo, I have a new appreciation of safety.
    Scott thank you for your extra work creating a safe environment. Your cave tour is the best.

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