Cave Discovery

This is Cleon Turner in Onyx cave, located by the I-65 interchange. It was an earlier cave of his.

Cleon Turner gave interviews about the discovery and exploration of the cave, which were transcribed into a booklet: " Discovery  of the Crystal Onyx Cave and My Biography by Cleon Turner 1968”  I have excerpted and summarized parts of it. He had some self-taught knowledge of geology which helped him discover several cave. 

From - Archives June 23, 1960

1960 - Cleon Turner finally found an entrance to what would become known as Crystal Onyx Cave. Turner had been searching for the place for 30 years. He and a friend found a promising location on the side of Pruitt’s Knob (Kentucky) on this day. They had been digging and digging and digging. Finally, with the help of a little dynamite, they created the new entrance.

From “The Floyd Collins Tragedy at Sand Cave”

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