Cumberland Trace


From Be Safe and Keep Your Powder Dry, by Daryl Skaggs. 

"The Cumberland Trace was originally made by the buffalo and legend says it was two to four feet deep at places and wide enough for the space of two wagons to pass one another. Since the herds ranged as high as 5,000 in number, and some over 2,000 pounds in weight, it is easy to comprehend how such a natural trace could be encountered.From the Knob Lick, in Lincoln County, as reported by the members of the party, they beheld largely over a thousand animals, including buffalo, elk, bear, and deer, with many wild turkey scattered among them; all quite restless, some playing, and others busily employed in licking the earth.The buffalo and other animals had so eaten away the soil, that they could, in places, go entirely underground. Within an area of many acres, the animals had eaten the salty earth to a depth of several feet." 

© Cheryl Siedelmann 2017