Abraham Prewitt


This is the story of the naming of the Knob, from personal histories published on RootsWeb.com and Ancestry.com:

Thomas Prewitt was born in England in 1616 and emigrated to Virginia where he married Sarah and had four sons including Henry (1654-1722). 

Henry married Rebecca and had 5 children, including Thomas (1695-1759). Thomas married Mary second and had  5 children including Abraham (1722-1806). Abraham was unmarried and died at Prewitt’s Knob of old age.  Prewitt’s Knob is not named for him.

Henry’s first wife was Anne, before she died they had 2 sons including James (1684-1721). James married Mary and 7 children, including Martin and William (1714-1817). William was a Revolutionary War soldier along with all of his sons. William had 10 children, including twin sons Abraham and Isaac, born in 1763. Abraham died in 1794: 

"Abraham was killed in the Indian Wars of East Tenn. about 1794. He was one of the advance spies in crossing the Hiwassee River in Sevier's Campaign vs. the Cherokee. It is related in family records "that before going into the battle in which he lost his life, Abraham asked his twin brother, Isaac to marry his widow and rear his children should he not live through the battle." Isaac did.

Prewitt’s Knob is named after this Abraham.

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