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Gift Shopp and Mineral Specimen Store

We have a large gift shop with some snacks, children’s toys, interesting collectibles and specializing in mineral specimens for all interests.  We can’t sell calcite formations from the cave, but we have many other s to chose from.

Examples of the mineral speimens we have.

Unfossilized coral
Michigan Petoskey stones
Selenite gypsum, also selenite rods.
agatized Florida coral
Tigers eye, raw and tumbled.
Geodes of all types, cut and polished, opened Kentucky, pick your own and open yourself.
Flint, modern arrow heads and spear points made from obsidian and flint.
Amethyst - we have cathedral and also smaller specimens.
Pyrite nodules
Arkansas Quartz, many large specimens.
Baalt or quartz with pyrite inclusions. These appear to be one of a kind.
Dolomite crystals
Shark teeth
Malachite and azurite
Fossiliferous limestone.
Gypsum rosettes
Blue and golden calcite
Petrified wood
Large septarian nodules
Dyed geodes

Below are examples of the collectibles we have.

Drive in speakers
Aluminum plackards
Mine cars
Antenna Pod
empty shell
Pay phone, parking meter
stop lights
Geiger counter
Aluminum Lizards
train whistle
Cave hats
Loose Necks

Now Open Daily

One of the most beautiful caves in Kentucky!

Open from 11 a.m. to the last tour at 8 pm.  Come and visit us!

Crystal Onyx Cave * 425 Prewitts Knob Road, Cave City, KY 42127 * (270)773-3377