Random Cave Stuff

Above is a 360 view from a drone flying above the cave. You can see the cell phone towers and much more. This was done by Brandon Shaw.

We’ve gathered a lot of information and other items that don’t easily fit into any category. So, I’ve made this page to collect it all for your edification.

This is a 360 view of the upper entry to the cave.  Gwen can be seen doing the morning sweeping.

There are at least 16 other caves on the property, Here area diagrams of a couple of them:

Little Niagara
Rookie Drop

Every once in a while the cave shows up in the media.

Early in 2018, Gwen was watching Jeopardy and she saw this answer come up. Fortunately, the Jeopardy web site archives all of their games, and I was able to retrieve it.
Here is an excerpt from a fictional book that I stumbled upon by Googling "Crystal Onyx Cave." I lost both the name of the book and author when this site was hacked and destroyed. The cave does not have velvet ropes, they would be all moldy. Also, the bones are no longer on display.

Cave Creatures

Rebuilding the cave

Sculpture Garden