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About the People at Crystal Onyx Cave

Above, Scott carries 70 lb. buckets of concrete into the cave for the primitive stairs.

Scott Sendtko

In 2010 Scott & Sara Sendtko were looking for a more centralized place to relocate their business from Hemlock, MI. In their search for a more southern, out-of-state location, they came to Kentucky.

With fond memories of previous visits to Crystal Onyx Cave they were drawn here only to find out it was closed. Operating on a “meant to be” feeling, they inquired on the availability of the cave & were able to negotiate an agreeable purchase.

Then the real work began as details from this website show.  Through the ensuing years, the Sendtko family has brought a dedication & artistry to Crystal Onyx Cave that it’s previous owners would appreciate. They have labored with integrity to preserve this beautiful Kentucky showplace. While other caves may be larger & more extensive, Crystal Onyx Cave offers a more personal experience of what we consider to be a spectacular cave. 

Sara Sendtko

Sara Sendtko is the business manager.  She has also been the go-fer during rehabilitation, hauling material to the cave site and helping Scott with the work. She is an expert at operating the 65 year old cement mixer that Scott inherited from his Dad.

About 100 tons of gravel, sand and concrete were used for the steps and paths.  Another 150 tons of debris and mud was taken out of the cave. About 150′ of steel beams and channel were used for the stairs and superstructure, 1,000’ of galvanized pipe for the railings. The electrical work includes miles of wire, 2,000’ of conduit, 100 electrical boxes, and over 100 LED fixtures.

Sara Sendtko runs the ancient cement mixer and mixes the concrete just the way he likes it.

Rehabilitating the Cave

Bottom Cave Door
Cheryl and JD
Cave Statistics

According to a GPS, the lower entrance is at 815’ and the natural entrance is at 870’.


Friends and family helped with the heavy work including:  Scott Sendtko, Jr., David and Shirley Sendtko, Gwen Kern, Glenn Kern, Barb & Delmer Neff, Hal Patton, Sally Hayes, Mildred Parker, Ginger & Daniel Hasse, Skylar Gagnon, Cheryl Siedelmann, Twin Lakes Cave Conservation Group. Photographer Matt McClintock, electrician Sammy Doyle, Missy Shields. And many, many more.

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The "Great Wall"

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One of the most beautiful caves in Kentucky!

Open from 11 a.m. to the last tour at 8 pm.  Come and visit us!

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